ITunesSync enables you to store and manage your music outside of ITunes, e.g. a library full of MP3’s that you share in both ITunes and Media Player, but stays in sync with renaming and moving of files.

It uses the ITunes COM API to build a deltagram of files on disk vs. files in ITunes.  You can view the difference between your folder and ITunes Library, add missing files, and optionally remove deleted/renamed files from the Library.

The source prerequisites are:

Pro Tip: Switch-off “Allow ITunes to organize my library” in ITunes Preferences.

Synchronization behaviour is controlled in ITunesSync.exe.config as follows:

Key Type Default Description
DeleteUnresolvedTracks Boolean False Removes track references from ITunes Library where the source file path is not found
MusicDirectory String n/a Path to synchronize ITunes against, ITunesSync will enumerate all subdirectory
NoUpdates Boolean False Forces ITunesSync into readonly mode, preventing changes, but listing the files and tracks that would be affected by changes.

You can download the source code for ITunesSync at my git repository below:

The code is released as-is, with no warranty implied, under BSD licence.


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