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Enumerables, Yield and Fibonacci

I’ve been reading Vazirani’s Algorithms last night – quite an entertaining book considering the dry subject and similar books on the topic.  Vazirani’s website has a draft of the book as PDF too. While the book is very much language-agnostic, I … Continue reading

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Riak Core And Decentralized Node Management

Been reading a lot of code in the riak core framework.  Powerful stuff. Fits lots of questions about managing big distributed systems in Erlang – answered a question up on StackOverflow about just such a scenario: Starting remote Erlang nodes

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Great Erlang Secrets : Inheritance (1 of ?)

A little discussed capability of Erlang is module inheritance: Example: -module(basemod). -export([foo/0]). foo() -> ok. The module can be subclassed by the using the attribute “-extends(atom())” as follows. -module(submod,[]). -extends(basemod). -export([bar/0]). foo() -> fail. bar() -> BASE:foo(). As a result, submod exports … Continue reading

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Erlang Activities

Tonight I’ve been thinking about a couple of different Erlang problems. The first was injecting a supervisor to manage session processes.  Pretty straight-forward just needed a little more reading on my part. Second was a broader, more tricky question – … Continue reading

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