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Project Euler

Project Euler is a set of mathmatically-oriented open challenges for developers.  I started working my way through these the other day with a bent of using C# and LINQ as much as possible. I’ve shared my source on my … Continue reading

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Finally got around to putting my ITunesSync command-line utility out on my repository. It fixes ITunes bloody irritating inability to “watch a folder”, keeping a folder full of music in sync with ITunes – something that Media Player and … Continue reading

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Enumerables, Yield and Fibonacci

I’ve been reading Vazirani’s Algorithms last night – quite an entertaining book considering the dry subject and similar books on the topic.  Vazirani’s website has a draft of the book as PDF too. While the book is very much language-agnostic, I … Continue reading

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Goodies From The Company Store

Took a cruise to the Microsoft Company Store to get Win7 for a family member.  The place is full of tech-goodies – very hard to come out with only the items you intended.  I originally went in to get Win7-Ultimate but … Continue reading

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Win7 Installation – 2011 Welcomes Careful Drivers

Finally reinstalled my office desktop and upgraded it to Windows 7.  Unlike previous quantum leaps, I started from scratch – new 1 terabyte drive, new 23″ monitor to place the pre-millenial 17″ LCD, fresh OS install etc. This is also the … Continue reading

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Book Price Gouging?

If electronic books are more resource efficient than paper, and confer less rights like resale and unlimited loaning, then why are Kindle editions of books *more* expensive than paperback equivalents? Given that there are multiple e-readers on the market, all … Continue reading

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Riak Core And Decentralized Node Management

Been reading a lot of code in the riak core framework.  Powerful stuff. Fits lots of questions about managing big distributed systems in Erlang – answered a question up on StackOverflow about just such a scenario: Starting remote Erlang nodes

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