Enumerables, Yield and Fibonacci

I’ve been reading Vazirani’s Algorithms last night – quite an entertaining book considering the dry subject and similar books on the topic.  Vazirani’s website has a draft of the book as PDF too.

While the book is very much language-agnostic, I thought I’d have a crack at some of the algorithms using much newer semantics of C# and the yield keyword.

The Fibonacci sequence is especially interesting because it can be a  O(N2) recursive, or a O(N) linear performer depending on implementation.

I took a stab at the linear implementation, the results are surprisingly clean and simple.  In the first cut, I did the traditional loop thing with a conditional guard for iteration 0 and 1.  Second cut is much more elegant, removing the conditional guards all together and replacing them with a sequence of yields :

        foreach(UInt64 fibNumber in FibonacciSequence())

        public static IEnumerable<UInt64> FibonacciSequence() 
            UInt64 nminus1 = 1;
            UInt64 nminus2 = 0;
            UInt64 current = 1;

            yield return 0;
            yield return 1;
                yield return current;
                nminus2 = nminus1;
                nminus1 = current;
                current = nminus2 + nminus1;

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