Goodies From The Company Store

Took a cruise to the Microsoft Company Store to get Win7 for a family member.  The place is full of tech-goodies – very hard to come out with only the items you intended. 

I originally went in to get Win7-Ultimate but Win7-Pro was cheaper by $10 – no significant feature differences.  It was quite a novel experience for this millenium at least – the last time I held a boxed OS product was Windows NT 4.0.

With an extra $10 burning a hole in my pocket I stopped at the mice rack.  We’ve lived with a Notebook Mouse on our desktop since the wireless mouse died.  I picked up a Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500 for a little over that tenner – nice and comfortable to hold without being too flashy.  Tried it on Win7 and OS/X – worked right of the bat – no drivers etc needed.

On the way out I stopped to browse the the Xbox games stand and grabbed another copy of Halo Reach.  Lauren’s been talking smack for ages about how good she is at multiplayer, but she only played splitscreen.  We’ve got two Xboxes, and tonight I, as every parent should, mercilessly slaughtered her – headshots, beatdowns, and obligatory corpse desicration.


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