Win7 Installation – 2011 Welcomes Careful Drivers

Finally reinstalled my office desktop and upgraded it to Windows 7.  Unlike previous quantum leaps, I started from scratch – new 1 terabyte drive, new 23″ monitor to place the pre-millenial 17″ LCD, fresh OS install etc.

This is also the first time I’ve installed Windows from a USB key, to create your own:

Took around 20mins in total – pretty quick and smooth.  Plug-n-Play just did its thing, everything worked immediately display, printer, scanner, webcam, mouse, keyboard, even the UPnP gateway all discovered and controllable.

My original reluctancy to pave the machine stems from the level of investment in time spent with Windows application installations.  Over the last decade, I’ve been from Windows 2000, through beta versions of Windows XP all the way to Vista SP2 all with upgrade installs.  However of course this includes a lot of baggage.

This time around things are a little different, beyond being Print/ITunes/Backup/File Server and general office document workhorse, we’re spending more and more of our time in the browser –

  • I have far fewer applications installed, Visual Studio, and some games easily installed on demand from Steam. 
  • My wife only uses Office and some hokey-but-necessary Swim-team management software, otherwise preference is iPad or iPhone.
  • Kids don’t have any games installed anymore, preferring their web/flash and Apple iOS games, along with burning hours on Skype and Facebook chatting with their friends.

However all is not so rosey.  I can move documents and reinstall applications (200gb of Music and Video for example).  However I’m increasingly dependent on complicated applications like ITunes.  However it is far from a one-folder deployment, also the Apple documentation on moving that library is dire.

However the result is a machine that runs much faster in 64bit mode.  And has much less junk installed on it.


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